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Buying a Laser IPL Course

Are you considering a career in advanced beauty?

Laser therapy for hair removal IPL is a growing treatment and an excellent route to develop your skillset in the beauty industry.

IPL hair removal courses are ideal for a beauty therapist. And many beauticians buy a laser training course and bring their new skills to their clients who use other beauty therapy treatments like waxing & invasive facials.

How to best start the path to laser therapy?

Read further to see what a fully accredited Laser Course can do for you to enhance your career. 

The Level 4 Laser Course may be the one to help get your career in laser therapy started. 

Answering why, how, and what next?

With IPL, the skin no longer needs to be subjected to disguised tortures like waxing and epilators or the latest miracle cream. 

Most of these creams can reprogram your skin but fail to do what they promise on the packet. 

Instead, there are many options to help clients, thanks to the latest technology. For example, laser hair removal is an industry that is set to increase by replacing outdated waxing and shaving regimes. 

In addition, laser hair removal offers a permanent solution which means when hair is gone with laser treatment, it is gone for good.

No more factoring in a leg shave or waxing into your routine for going out on those special occasions. With just a few treatments with laser and zap, the unwanted hair is on its way out.

Laser skin rejuvenation is great in cosmetic treatments with visible results that will give your clients confidence to achieve blemish-free skin.

Why study a level 4 laser hair removal course?

As with anything so technology-based, the success is determined by the advancements and offerings that each new rendition can offer.

Well, that’s the same for Laser treatments; since 2019, we have seen many advancements in Laser Therapy. The machines are state of the art and diverse in their ability. 

They offer Skin Rejuvenation, Laser Hair Removal, Tattoo Removal, Medical treatments such as mole removals, eye treatments etc. However, the future of Laser therapy has only begun.

The beauty laser industry is set to see further growth into the billions. On a scale that is “global hair removal devices market size is expected to reach USD 3.6 billion by 2025”. 

These figures are for hair removal only; with laser therapy being used in many other areas, this only tells us part of the story of what is to come in the way of advancement.

How to get started?

Well, do a Laser Therapy Course! 

There must be some faster, easy way to get insured and out there taking your share of the beauty laser market?

As of mid-late 2018, laser therapy has started to become very regulated, and many laser technicians’ qualifications are being brought into question. 

This is due to many salons and laser technicians practising their craft but not to a safe standard. This has led to cases of burns and incidents with clients due to inadequate training for the beautician.

With that comes the need for appropriate training and a need for a good quality provider of this training. Aesthetic Beauty Training Academy offer this training in the form of the Level 4 Laser & IPL. 

The Level 4 Laser course is geared as a course for the beginner introducing you to the world of laser hair removal and laser skin rejuvenation. 

From the theory of the course, how to use the machines, best practices, consideration of the client and general advice for entering the industry. This includes some advice on employment or opening your own business. When completing the training course, you will leave knowing your trade and the route into Laser Therapy.

But as a college, we do not promote our courses and say “come to us” without an explanation. So read on to see some of the things why you should consider using Aesthetic Beauty Training college. If you are looking for a Laser Therapy course in hair removal or skin rejuvenation:

The qualifications

The VTCT Level 4 Certificate in Laser and Intense Pulse Light is also known as IPL. You will have an advanced qualification that has been specially designed for beauty therapists or medical specialists who would like to become qualified laser aesthetic technicians. 

After qualification through Aesthetic Beauty Training college, you will be wholly insurable and employable when you enter the industry upon completing the VTCT Level 4 course.

This is because VTCT regulates our Laser courses. 

VTCT qualifications are accepted around the world, and our courses are quality control. This ensures you have peace of mind that the course is 100% fit for purpose.

VTCT is the awarding beauty body course provider and provides some of the best available beauty courses in the world. 

This also allows you to move internationally as a nationally verified qualification is more than acceptable in other countries. 

VTCT qualifications are present in several countries, with Europe being the most obvious example.

In gaining the Level 4 Laser Qualification, you may need to look into acquiring a Level 3 Beauty qualification. First, however, to practice as a Laser Technician. 

This is because elements such as Anatomy & Physiology and proper skin care are taught at this level. At this point, you may be saying no! It’s all too much?

Knowing what is happening to the client while doing your laser treatments is essential. Unless you want to go about burning them or, even worse, permanently scar your client! 

Aesthetic Beauty Training college offers the Level 3 beauty course and can advise on doing a fast-track course if your ambition is to go as soon as possible.

What is the quality of the course?

The qualification is practically assessed, which means that the form of testing performs the treatments before the course tutor. 

It is being able to do the various treatments safely with best practice. We provide our students with a folder to work from, which will hold the relevant notes and materials required to learn and look back on in the future or between coursework.

IPL therapy, also sometimes known as Light treatment, is a theory & practical training course. 

The course is for seven weeks and allows students working to attend on a part-time basis. So, if you’re already working and can’t get time off or have family commitments, or maybe even you live quite a distance away, we have you covered.

We have been in the beauty industry for over 20 years. So with that, we would like to think we know a thing or two about how to teach and prepare our students for the industry based on industry demands & expectations for Laser Technicians. 

We do not compromise on quality, which has kept new students coming to our college for years. 

What are the tutors like?

One of the essential parts of any course, if not the most important. Is the course tutor experienced? Do they have the necessary skills, patience, and knowledge to teach? 

The Aesthetic Beauty Training college tutors possess these qualities and are brilliant tutors to teach laser therapy.

With laser equipment, the need for an experienced tutor coupled with knowledge is essential. Our tutors are professional and knowledgeable, providing each student with their wisdom and expertise.

Like anything in learning, you will learn from those more easily when they are passionate and caring. You can be assured our Laser tutors are industry experienced, and they strive to achieve higher professional practice.

Our class sizes are small, with a maximum of 6 students allowed into one class. 

The class size is perfect for one-to-one attention between student and tutor, which we believe is crucial for our students. 

It also means more practice for you as you will have time to make the inevitable mistakes, learn, and then finally thrive, knowing why you’re doing, what you’re doing, and how to execute the treatments correctly.

About the laser technology

The technology you will be using is essential for any Laser Course. Is it of high-end quality, and will it be a similar machine you will be using in the industry?

No need to worry; we have this covered as well. We use the most up to date machinery, being the main machine you would be using in the course. 

This machine allows for different treatments, such as skin rejuvenation and hair removal therapy. This is a beauty salon standard industry machine and would be the most widely used machine.

The distinct advantage is that you already know how to use the technology and can seamlessly step into a Laser Technician Role. 

To allow students to work and adapt to other machines. Generally, laser machines are similar in their settings and hardware. 

Going back to the mobile phone example, you will know how to work with another model with a different screen layout when using a mobile phone. 

Well, it is the same for Laser Machines. Same thing but a different layout, and you can be assured you will be learning the best.

So what next?

Should you wish, after completing the course, you will have the opportunity to advance onto the Level 5 Laser Tattoo Removal course. This is currently an isolated industry and is experiencing exponential growth in conjunction with the growing Tattoo industry.

Otherwise, you are now a qualified Level 4 Laser Technician. With all other requirements met, such as the Level 3 beauty qualification. Equipped with the core of knowledge, you can work as a skin rejuvenation or hair removal specialist.

We recommend working in the industry for a minimum of 6 months to get a feel about the best way for a laser technician to operate. 

Also, learn how to run a successful Laser clinic and gain industry knowledge to set up your prosperous future in Laser Therapy. The annual wage for a laser technician is £25,000+ with the potential to grow.

The machinery is something to consider strongly in terms of striking out on your own. Does it have the support and will? Whatever you decide on, you are in a prime position for the industry to see exponential growth. 

Not just on the beauty aspects of things either! Medical laser treatments are becoming popular and more implemented.

With that, we trust that we have explained just some of the reasons why you should consider a future as a laser therapist and why that future should start with us. 

So, think of a bright future and start in the right way with our Level 4 Laser & IPL. Get in touch today to find out more.


What will I learn?

This course covers all aspects of core knowledge for the delivery of safe commercial treatment, including:

VTCT Level 4 Qualification in Laser and IPL (Intense Pulsed Light)

Overview of Laser core of knowledge anatomy & Physiology of skin and hair Skin typing using Fitzpatrick Scale Contra-indications & Contra-actions to IPL and Laser Client care and communication in beauty-related industries management of Health, Safety and Security in the Salon Laser Physics.

The difference between Laser and IPL How to choose the proper Laser Health, safety and security measures in Laser application and awareness and reduction of hazards in the workplace later and light treatments for hair removal practical application of light therapies in hair reduction and skin rejuvenation

Who will teach me?

Here at Aesthetic Beauty Training College, we have industry-leading, highly qualified tutors to deliver you an exceptional level of training.

Our level 4 course tutors have extensive experience in Laser and IPL, actively working with lasers for over 12 years. In addition, we only teach in small groups of 6, which enables you to have personalised training in a private, comfortable setting.

IPLWhy should I consider a level 4 laser qualification?

Do you want to further your knowledge of Laser/IPL treatments? Are you passionate about beauty and aesthetics?

Perhaps you already own a Clinic, Salon or Spa and would like to introduce advanced treatments. On the other hand, you may be looking to gain a higher level of qualification, more desirable to employers. We are here to guide and help you decide what course is right for you or your business.

What qualification do I need before I can progress to level 4?

You do not need a qualification before undertaking the course. However, we may require you to complete an anatomy and physiology education online exam before your course commences, depending on your background level of qualification.

It is also helpful to gain an NVQ or Diploma Qualification before this course. Although not essential, our course consultant is here to advise on tailoring bespoke course plans to your needs. The minimum age for the course is 18.

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